NEC ND-3450a wrong write speed



I have recently bought some dual layer discs but when i write, i set it at 1x but it seems to burn at the maximum speed even in different burning apps.

I’ve tried NEC firmware and even the modified firmware but i still keep getting the same problem, it’s getting to be quite an annoyance too as i’ve had about 9 coasters!

I’ve also tried 2.4x and i still get the same problem.

Anybody got any ideas?

My specs:
NEC ND-3540a
ASUS p4p800-e mobo
p4 3.0ghz
1024mb ram


Which media do you use?

I recommend Verbatim DL media because other DL media often causes trouble :frowning:
(I actually doubt that DVD+R, SL and DL actually support 1x speed.)


I’m using Bulkpaq Orange, i know it is poor media but it was all i could get a hold of at the time.

So it’s down to the media that it burns at the maximum speed? (4.1x btw) not so much the hardware?


It’s the drive, not the media that determines the speed.
Bulkpaq is really poor media… :frowning:

Try some Verbatim DVD+R DL, I’m sure the coaster rate will be definitely lower (even if it’s burned at high speeds).


I mean is it the media that is causing the error of burning faster than what i tell it to?

I just want to burn something at 1x and see if it improves but not matter what i do, it just won’t, always 4.1x :frowning:

I’ll get some Verbatim DVD+R DL when i order next, thanks for the tip!


The burners firmware will have the acceptable burn speeds for any particular media & it can only burn at those speeds. In your case selecting an “illegal” one will cause the burner to burn at the only allowable one of 4x here.