NEC ND-3450A won't READ 4x -RW, why?

My buddy’s NEC ND-3450A (Dell) does not recognize a RITEKW04 disc at all. It is a 4x piece of -RW media and is recorded well with good quality (scans to prove). But, the NEC ND-3450A just says “no media”. Any idea why? I looked up the specs on the NEC ND-3450A and it claims 4x -RW support…
Thanks, :confused:

Sorry to be a pain, but I need help…


I believe the NEC ND-3450A can be converted to a NEC ND-3500AG… You can upgrade his drive to a 3500AG, and if he doesn’t mind modified firmware then give Liggy and Dee’s 2.TD firmware a try. :wink: