NEC ND-3450A - Specs? FW?

Unfortunately I have some problems with my harddisk at home, but I compiled a testdumper at work and uploaded the file. I’ll PM massimo on where to get the program and what to do with it.

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Massimo could post a “Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.50” new Booktype screenshot to see bitsetting possibility of this firmware
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Should give something like that (with different values) :

From cdrlabs :

[I]It’s possible it’s an upcoming model proposed by NEC.
I’ve seen several references to the drive around the net.[/I]

it seems a burner made specially to new pcs anybody knows if its possible to buy it retail or bulk?

AFAIK PRI MAS is not supported.

AFAIK Liggy send him a special binflash beta that can dump is fw (in a private message).

According to NEC (by way of the FCC), the 3450 is simply a renamed 3100 with new firmware.

FCC ID: A3DND-3450A (New)
FCC ID: A3DND-3100A (Original)
EUT TYPE: Internal DVD R/RW Drive
The device is electrically identical to FCC ID: A3DND-3100A granted June 18, 2004, except for the model, firmware, and FCC ID.


If this drive is identical to the 3100 (except for firmware)…Whould it be possible to get the firmware since it supports +/-…
It seems that the modded firmwares for the 3500 flashed to the 3100, the minus (-) writing does not work from the threads…


I already offered a test firmware, but nobody dares trying this one it seems.

Let me get my hands on some -R media and I give it try…
Is there a certain brand I should try, or just get what is available…


Liggy, Massimo is in vacation and will be back after thanksgiving he said… :stuck_out_tongue:

Available only from Dell?

I’m back!

Nothing new to report. I tries the PM’d app and testdump won’t work on it. I even put it on another PC as sec mas and tried it again. None of the flashers or dumpers worked. Maybe it is locked somehow?

Massimo could you post a “Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.55” new Booktype screenshot to see bitsetting possibility of this firmware ?
( )

Should give something like that (with different values) :


I was able to successfully dump a ND-3450 using the tool that Liggy sent me. I am e-mailing him with the resultant dump. I’m sure he can add to this once he has the firmware dump.


Didn’t find this firmware in my inbox. I hope to see it soon :smiley:

You got mail. Let me know if you don’t receive it. 1.7 MB attachment.

It’s just arrived. Will look at this tomorrow I think.

I also just got this drive in a new Dell 8400 which I recieved yesterday. Unfortunately, neither the supplied Dell burning software nor Nero 5.5 see the drive as a burner though it shows up as a DVD+=RW in device manager. I can burn fine with machine to my external firewire pioneer 107.

Any thoughts?