NEC ND-3450A - Specs? FW?

Hi. I just got a new Dell at work and it has a NEC ND-3450A in it. I have never seen this drive anywhere nor can I find info on the net. I think it is only 6x and is DL according to NERO. Anyone heard of it? Can it be flashed to 3500?


Could you post a Nero Infotool screen shot ?

Check whith the Dangerous Brothers, if they are not too busy they are your best bet to see if it can be cross-flashed.

Is this the info you are looking for? Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

I think you’ve something… uncommon.

Could you please dump your firmware with
(Win32 GUI version) and then post screen shot of
this firmware opened with necdump ( )
=> First page and max speed page for DVD-R and DVD+R DL

Thanks ! :eek:

Tried “necflash -scan” and get No supported devices found. Any other suggestions?

edit - didn’t see GUI version… trying it…

Edit 2 - Same error with the GUI version

To dump, try the 3500 firmware flasher v1.0 from tdb :

nec3x00a -sec -mas -out firmware.bin
if the drive is in secondary IDE / master.

Binflash might not support this drive yet. Try TDB’s DOS Flash tool:

Tried the DOS 3500 flash utility with nec3x00a -pri -mas -out filename.bin and it pauses for a sec and then goes back to command prompt. It never creates a file.

By the way, the drive is primary master since HD is SATA and sec mas. Verified with Infotool. Just for the hell of it I also tried sec mas… Next?

By the way again, thanks so far for all your efforts!

Can you post a VSO Inspector ( freeware : ) screenshot to have firmware “date” since Nero Infotool is buggy for that ?

As requested…

VSO Inspector Report
Created: 11/18/2004 4:21 PM

Device: [0:0:0 - _NEC DVD±RW ND-3450A 102B [D] (Ide)]

General ---------------------------------------

Model …: DVD±RW ND-3450A
Manufacturer …: _NEC
Drive Letter …: D:
Revision …: 102B
Date …: 04081800
Buffer Size …: 2 MB

DVD Features ----------------------------------

Region Code …: None
Region Control …: RPC II
User Changes Left : 5
Vendor Resets Left: 4

Read Features ---------------------------------

[X] CD-R
[X] Multisession
[X] Video CD

Write Features --------------------------------

[X] CD-R
[X] Buffer Underrun Protection

Media =========================================

Physical Information --------------------------

Media Type …: N/A
Media ID …: N/A
Speeds …: N/A
Capacity …: N/A
Sectors …: N/A
Layers …: N/A

Content ---------------------------------------

Type …: N/A
Label …: N/A
Date …: N/A
Publisher …: N/A
Application …: N/A
Tracks …: N/A
Sessions …: N/A
Regions …: N/A

Seems to be a strange 3500, 48X CD-R burning speed is normal but :
>>Model …: DVD±RW ND-3450A
Normal 3500 is :
>>Model …: DVD_RW ND-3500AG

is uncommon, first time I see such ± in id string…

>>Revision …: 102B
Not common for NEC… but I remember the K0P2 for the NEC 2510…

>>Date …: 2004/08/18
Quite old.

A Dangerous Brother or Liggy (an expert) is needed I think…

By the way, I presume that
doesn’t work too ?

And what’s the complete name of your Dell computer ?

“Target Drive is Not Found”

It’s name is Raul. Just kidding… It is a Dell Optiplex GX280

It’s a slim burner ?

Nope full size.

Unfotunately I am going on vacation now (yup, right now) and won’t be back until after Thanksgiving (Monday the 29th for our non-turkey eating friends). I will check this post then and do anything else you guys ask.

Thanks and have a great holiday!

:confused: Have a great holiday too, good thanksgiving !

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Interesting, at least it supports DVD-R writing! :wink:
(Some Dells and other OEMs equipped NEC drives are “gimped” out with DVD+R only writing)