NEC ND-3450A Questions



A friend of mine just purchased a Dell Dimension 4700. It has a DVD-ROM read only optical drive and for a burner it has a NEC ND-3450A (combo drive CD/DVD ±RW).

First Question: Is the NEC ND-3450A a dual layer burner?

Second Question: She is using DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 3.1, and Nero 6 DVD video files burn to backup her origional DVD’s. The first backup (of a single layered origional) copied fine. Her second try (of a dual layered original) did not go as well. When she got to the point to burn with Nero DVD files burning tool (using a Memorex single layer DVD-R blank disk in the NEC ND-3450A), she got a message saying “not enough space on disk to proceed”. Is there any trick or setup of the above mentioned programs necessary to burn with the NEC ND-3450 using a single layer DVD-R (4.7GB) disk?