NEC ND-3450A just delivered

Just got the Phillips 16x DVDRW± dl in my Dell Precision 370 replaced with a Dell/NEC ND-3450A 16x DVDRW± dl unit.
PM me if you need the current firmware as supplied by Dell - version 102B dated (?)…

I don’t know any NEC 3450…
Don’t you mean the 3540, who is’n on the market yet?


The ND-3450A is a OEM ND-3500AG made for Dell.
This firmware was released late Nov 2004

I have tried to burn dual-layer discs (RiDisc) with the ND-3450A, but always get “burn failed” message. Can you help?


FYI - no problem burning Verbatim (Made in Japan - TY) DL discs with both my ND-3450As + Nero

Thanks, will try Verbatim.


Hello Belld15,

What software are you using to burn those Dual Layers ?

On june 22nd, 2005, the latest version of Nero is v6.6.0.14

If I recall, in the few last releases their was several fixes for Dual Layer Support.

Mainly for DVD-R DL.

Seeme v6.6.0.1 and above will support DVD+R DL but I always say latest should have the less problems.

Maybe you need to get the latest version of Nero, or whatever software you are using !

My 2 cents…