NEC ND-3100AD wont support Ultra DMA Mode in Windows XP

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 which came with an NEC ND-3100AD 16X burner. I raely achieve greeater than 1.9x read rates and have discovered that this burner is operating in PIO mode and cannot be chnaged to Ultra DMA mode on the primary IDE channel in Device Manager. I installed a second drive (Aopen 16x) as slave and it is running in Ultra DMA and achieveing read rates of 10X and more.

Any help out there? :frowning:

I found a DMA force program which did put unit into Ultra DMA Mode 2 but read speed still reamins at 1.88x. HELP!

Delete the channel in windows device manager, reboot, let XP redetect it and check the DMA level again.
Just in case, do not put the burner on the same IDE channel as the source harddisk, as this will drop the transfer rate when both drives are active.

The DVD drive is connected in a master configuration with another DVD drive (Aopen - slave) and the HDD is an sata.

I have forced ultra dma with a program but no good. I will try your suggestion.


Your suggestion worked and I no lonegr need the forced DMA for the drives but speed has not changed. Firmware version is 1.07.

Corrected my issue by flashing my drive using the info at the following: