NEC ND-3100AD with DELL 8400

Hey I currently have a dell ND3100-AD that I got with my dell 8400, is there any working firmware flashes that I can apply to it to allow it to burn DVD-R disks? The drive is great other than it lacks the capibility to burn DVD-R disks. Any help would be appriciated. Thank you in advance.

Try the firmware found on my NEC firmware page. See the link in my signature. Good Luck!

Accept please that I’m not disputing your description of your writer. But are you “sure” your unit only accepts +Media? I’m asking because my unit from Dell a 3450A indicates in the Properties that it is a +R/RW only. But I’ve burned many -R disks. Look at your order from Dell and see if it doesn’t say “DVD ±/R/RW.”

This is only a suggestion because I really don’t know squat about DVD burners!

Have a look at [thread=132450]this thread[/thread].
Usually it should be OK to use the mentioned drive converter, set your drive to 3500 and flash a 3500 firmware when that is done. The way of flashing an intermediate firmware should not be necessary anymore.