NEC ND-3100AD & choppy DVD playback

ok here is the deal, I have a dell 8400 P4 3.0 I have a gig of ram and i have the GeForce 9800 and I have a 160 gig hard drive. My problem is my DVD+RW, its a NEC ND-3100AD. When I play movies on it its all chopy and screwed up. I dont know what to do and I have been looking for some help for some time. please help me.

First take a look here.

hmm yeah im still lost i dont know what im looking at, I read that page but there is nothing that can help me.

From what you described it sounds like a DMA issue.
Take a look at this specifically.

no that didnt help either

So your HDD and NEC ND-3100AD are both running in DMA mode?
Is it the same with any movie you play burnt or otherwise?


ok i set them both in DMA mode Device 0 and Device 1, 0 says DMA if availble and then right below it it says Ultra DMA Mode 2 then under 1 i set it the same way but below that one it says PIO Mode

PIO Mode is what is killing it. You need to get it to Ultra DMA Mode 2.
Please read the second link I gave you again and follow everything there.
You may need to follow the last statement in the first post there.

I followed it exactly i dont know why its being like this, I have windows xp so the second one wont do me anygood

Is your NEC on the Secondary IDE Channel?
If so, uninstall the Secondary IDE Channel and reboot.
Windows will detect and reinstall it.

If your NEC is slave on the Primary then I suggest you move it to master on the Secondary. I wouldn’t think Dell would set it up this way though. Is there any other opticals in the system?

take a look at this see if you can figure it out

ok here it is

Sorry, I have no experience with SATA Controllers.
I will defer to someone who has this type of setup.

well this just sucks

Is this a new machine?
Has it always done this or is this a new problem?

its new

Check DMA settings in BIOS, Windows reverts to what was set in BIOS, as it might be in PIO mode in BIOS, and keeps getting set back to that mode in Windows.

I dont understand

When the pc first starts, it should say hit delete to enter setup, or F1 or F2, and this takes you into a special mode called BIOS. Try navigating through there to find DMA and PIO modes.

Tell us what motherboard you have, what BIOS version, firmware, and someone can better direct you and guide you through what path to take through BIOS to reach this setting.