NEC ND-3100A Announced

16x DVD+R and D/L support… looks promising, if NEC can repeat the success they had with the 2500A. I’m interested, how bout you guys…

Have you got the link to it?

I’m looking forward for it… :bigsmile:

Let’s try to reflash our 2500A to 3500… That must be a cool update! :bigsmile:

you can find it with this link on the CD Freaks mainpage

I guess they are using a new chipset for this drive. So we probably won’t be able to do overclock :frowning:

Damn, no overclocking… Perhaps we just need to solder a chip :).

There seem to be a lot of room to improve.
Especially “DVD+R DL 2.4x” sounds quite absurd.
also… DVD-R 8x, DVD+RW 4x (CLV) doesn’t look good.

Hmm… can we expect the same hardware will finally be upgraded to something like 3520A(?)with 16X -r, 8x ±RW, 8x DL?

At least NEC’s current strategy to 2XXX products suggest so. But if they introduce a new chipset and hardware for their final and ultimate DVDRW product than those who buy this one will be damned. :slight_smile:

JEEEEZ, we don’t even have 2.4x DL media available at a sensable price, and already we’re whining cause it’s too slow? DL speeds are limited by the media, not the drive. It may never exceed 4x for all we know. But by the time it does there will be much larger, faster technology coming out in the form of Blu-Ray and/or HD-DVD. DL will never be more than a novelty IMHO.

This may be true… I think it remains to be seen exactly how far these media prices will drop, and I think that will determine exactly how much of a novelty they are.

Even at fair prices, dL media is a very small market, so it will never be any more available than say, 24x/32x CDRW media.

Ya, but I really think the dL market with expand. I know I’d rather copy 1:1 than 1.5:1 or 2:1 even…

At a fair DL price, I believe the market potential is enormous.
I don’t copy DVD, all I burn are data DVDs (with mpeg4 encoded stuff… :slight_smile: ). So unless DL price drops near SL*2 and data become as stable, I won’t be interested in them.

But reading recent posts, it seems that people really want to copy DVD movies.
Recompression of Mpeg2 DVD doesn’t really matter in reality but… we all know the mental impact of fast 1:1 copy idea.

I don’t know how technology will go, I don’t know if DL media will become affordable befor we’re discussing Blue lay or hologram storage(Hey! Even this ultimate dream isn’t too far).

but if it happens in a short time, I can bet that millions of guys will make their room look like a movie rental shop. :slight_smile:

Some of us already a rental shop :slight_smile:
hehe :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

i disagree with that. i think the dual layer market will be huge, once we actually have media available to buy (at reasonable prices). im pretty sure that dual layer media will outstrip single layer sales by a massive margin.

i also think that blu ray may never really take off as a format, unless they can get standalone players out on the market and to sell in huge numbers (ala dvd players). remember dvd-ram was out long ago, yet didnt take off as a storage format (everyone was using cd writers instead) because standalone dvd-ram players just weren’t available. if blu-ray is to take off manufacturers must somehow get people to dump their dvd players and move to blu-ray players, fast. else it will suffer the problems of dvd-ram and another format will come along and supersede it (even if it is inferior).

dual layer dvd writing is the next big thing i think. sales of dual layer media, im pretty sure will be higher than single layer dvd blanks have ever been.

There are already BlueRay and HDDVD recorders being released.
My point was simple, and it has nothing to do with the relative merits of DL technology. By the time there is enough demand for DL media, and there is enough production to meet that demand, the newer technology will be ready for marketing, and media will be relatively cheap to make.

Do you want an 8GB disc or a 20GB disc? The answer is obvious and the media makers know it. Would you rather put 4 movies on one disc? Of course you would.

You simple cannot expect media makers to keep reinventing everything on a 6-month schedule and still make a profit. They will be committing resources to 16x DVDR and then the next technology. DL will remain a specialty product.

My personal feeling is that if I can put a movie on 2 $1 discs rather than on one $5 disc, I will do that gladly. So will the vast majority of consumers.

I like the 16x DVD±R/RW read speeds. :slight_smile:

yeah, but the problem is that although blu ray is available now in japan, say, they are not widely available elsewhere in the world. furthermore, very very few households own these. with dual layer, i would say within 6 months prices will be down to about $1 per disk. in 6 months blu ray would still not be mainstream (we gotta look to say 2006/7 for blu ray to come through - look how long it took dvd standalones to really take off). dual layer dvds will have to fill this 2yr gap.

for me, blu-ray is too similar to dvd-ram/laser disk. i just dont think it will ever take off. i think once dual layer dvds have been through their lifecycle (say in 2 yrs) there will be something more advanced than blu ray.

as an example, just look on this forum how many people are waiting for dual layer dvds. a very high percentage of people will shift from single layer to dual layer, the moment, disks become affordable.

with blu-ray, even if bluray pc recorders and media were available for good prices i just dont think there would be a big demand because standalones cost a lot. its the standalone prices that must come down, to make people wanna buy blu-ray recorders for pcs. (dvd-ram drives were available for years. however, because there were dvd-ram standalones, very few took it up. they preferred to keep using cd-r, simply because there cd standalone units. dvd-r only really took off once dvd standalones took off).

dual layer dvd disks wont have these problems as most, if not all standalone dvd players can play the dual layer disks.