Nec Nd-2510a

FW 2.15

Using Fujifilm 4x +R media (RICHOJPNR01) and burning at 8x.
Excellent results. Reads slower than my Liteon 401s@811S,
but the burn quality is much much better.

Happy NEC owner! :iagree:

I received my Nec 2510 yesterday from New Egg. So far I must say I am very impressed with this drive.
I did 5 Movies yesterday using Clone 2,Shrink,and Nero using the Copy Disc Feature in cojuntcion with Any DVD
Used several media types and burn speeds
Works Great
I even got back compatabilty with one of my players that would not play anything that I did using my Sony DRU500a
A Very Happy NEC owner
Now if I could just get my hands on a few DL discs to test them out.
Anyone know of a website selling them for less than 15 bucks a shot ?

Sorta, ship date of june 30th

13.95$ a disk

Getting my new 2510a drive in a few days, wondering what to do about the firmware. My main concern is to get rid of region control and ripping limitations, but I don’t want to use a 2510 firmware hacked for 2500A drives.

Is there a tested, stable, non-beta 2510 firmware hack for 2510 drives?

Thanks (excuse my ignorance, a complete noobie here)

Isn’t part of the idea of a dual-layer burner, so you don’t have to use programs like that to compress a DVD?


Maybe TWO movies on one disc…


If you have dual layer media, yes. Considering that dual layer media is difficult to come by, and at $15 USD costs almost as much as a normal DVD video, there is still an advantage to using tools like DVD Shrink or Recode or CloneDVD for the time being.

The Dangerous Brothers have posted a modified version of the 2.15 firmware (the shipping firmware for the 2510A drives) here:

However, both the modified firmwares in the ZIP file also have the feature that they can be flashed to an ND2500A drive. There are no media hacks or other changes, such as with Herrie’s beta firmwares, though.

Thanks for clearing that up. I’m obviously still a noob at this. :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw that, but they don’t specify the differences for noobs like me between the two zip files available. The readmes in the two zip files are identical, yet the files are obviously different in some way. One is a “K0P2” type file (?) and the other is designated 2510_215. Do you have an idea which one should be used in my situation? Thanks!

Oh, and they say you have to be outside Windows to flash the drive. Would it suffice to boot to a menu (F8) and choose a DOS environment?

K0P2 was a pre-release BIOS for the 2510A. 2.15 is the released firmware. You’d want that one.

I’m not sure if Command Prompt mode works or not. If you’re running Windows 98, I think it’d be fine. If you are running Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, then I would create a bootdisk and do it.

for thegdog,

     Does the Nec 2510a original firmware allows you to burn at 8X using a Media 

Rated at 4X or do you need to flash your firmware to do a media hack to be able
to burn at 8X. Thanks!

It allows you to write some 4x media at 8x, but not the number that Herrie’s beta firmware does.

The stock firmware allows writing Taiyo Yuden 4x media at 8x, among others.

Someone had posted a list of which media (based on media code) could be written at what speed. Not sure if it was here or in another forum.

There is also this document NEC prepared for the 2500A drive. From what I’ve read, the support is the same for the 2510A:

Have you tried DVD Shrink? Also, within DVD Shrink options, you can select the size of disc that you Reauthor to. Amazing! This NEC drive is all ready for DL media!!! Even Nero 6 is ready to burn on DL! Verbatim’s got some due out this month. :bow: :smiley: :iagree:

Sure is but when you cant get ahold of any Media you dont have much of a choice
I am not going to pay 15 bucks for one disc thats CRAZY
Just my 2 Cents

I just picked up the Verbatim Double Layer Solution kit at my local Best Buy today for $29.99… it contains one DVD+R DL, one DVD+RW and 8 DVD+R’s.

I backed up Terminator 3 using DVD Shrink 3.1 to an Iso file then burned to the DL disc on my 2510A with Nero 6.3.15.

The disc plays flawlessly in my DVD player… Denon 2900.

BTW the media code on the other discs is MCC 003.