Nec nd-2510a with xbox360



Hi !

I buy a firmware modded xbox360, and now trying to copy backup games in my dvd burner. Is the firmwares 205c & 2a5c support layer jump, which is require to burn x360 games in nec nd-2510a, or is there better firmware in layer jumping !!! which is the best fw in my case ???

thanks allready…

ps. xbox was a birdy fw… hitachi-lg drive


If you don’t know this then you haven’t created that “backups” and surely should re-read the forum rules.

my 2 cents. :flower:


yes you are right, i was buying … x360 not came yet and i want to know is my dvd- burner compatible these backups and what firmware is requaired ??? sorry my bad english :slight_smile:

please answer … i want to know ???