NEC ND-2510A Producing Coasters!WHY?

hello, yes im a newbie, i just got a nec ND-2510A drive (firmware 2.15)that im connecting via external encasement and USB2 to my Win2k computer. im trying to write data DVD’s with NERO, COPY2DVD AND RECORDNOW using Verbatim x2 DVD-R or Datawrite DVD-R x8 and i get COASTERS EVERY SINGLE TIME about 5 seconds after i start writing. WHAT am i doing wrong???ive tried to write x1 and i still fail to write anything! this is getting expensive! do i have to go and try out different brands of DVDs untill i find a compatible one? whats the deal??

Try a different fw. When I got my 2500a, it only produced coasters with the original fw. Once I changed the fw, it has been a fine investment.

i searched for firmware and i found firmware 2.05 and 2.06, and even tho the site says that 2.05 is more recent that 2.15 (the one i currently have) im having second thoughts as it hardly has any documentation about the firmware…any other ideas before i experiment with dubious firmware?

2.15 is the OEM firmware, 2.05 and the latest 2.06 would seem to be better firmware, although i dont think it will cure your problem in this case, you may have some issues with your USB configuration.

Check out the FAQ for info

hmm, firstly, any ideas how to install new firmware to a USB external drive? i dont think dos will see it,. and secondly… does anyone think that putting a usb external IDE DVDR on a usb hub with other devices will cause problems?

Hi Alex, I have a Pioneer A06 in external USB2/Firewire box, never get a coaster. Are you sure your port are usb2, not usb1 and configured correctly? I read somewhere to not use usb hub for connecting writers, but I can’t remember why. Your hub is USB2, too?


yeah, my usb hub is usb2,as well as the cables are usb2compliant and my laptop port is usb2… ill try without the hub and see if i get any better results…

I remember reading somewhere that it’s not recommended to use a USB external hub but a firewire. Yeah try it without the hub to see if it’s due to that.

I hope you have installed XP service pack 1
cos your USB2 ports won’t work without it.

There are some posts on this forum that talk specifically about using and external USB box and problems with writing to -R media. Have you tried +R media? In those posts, people had no problem with +R media, but -R caused failures. You may wish to search on this.

alex80 : i have the same problem, finally found someone who has it too :).
for having searched around about this i’m pretty sure it’s the same problem we have. it really sucks but well life is a struggle…

ok, so, it has nothing to do with usb or whatever you may be told imho.
i just returned from the store where i had the drive exchanged but of course the problem wasn’t due to this. i have overall good pc here with p4c800-e mobo and running win2k.

i have found no solution (start to despair here) for now except one :
i used cdrwin 5.05 and i finally got a dvd burned, pfff. it was a dvd+rw (you should test with a rw aswell, i recommend :p).

now, just updated to latest nero and gonna test with it after a reboot…

gl man (me too :))