NEC ND-2510a Prob. - "hardware reset" or "semaphore timeout period has expired"

i need help with my NEC ND-2510a, ive burn tons of CDs and DVDs, but when i went to the other day, it kept givin me coasters.

in nero, it simply tells me it “cannot connect” and that a “hardware reset” has tooken place.

so i did a little bit more research to figure wtf was wrong, and under DVDDecypter it told me there was a “semaphore timeout”.

ive checked all my drivers, uninstalled it (its USB btw),reinstalled my ASPI drivers, and checked the firmware,and still NOTHING! :a

i would be veryyy grateful if anyone could help me out. :bow:

A few things you could check
Check the USB port on the PC by connecting another USB device.
Check the USB cable by connecting it to another device.
Remove the drive from the USB enclosure and connect it to an IDE channel and check if the drive works. If it doesn’t, it’s time to replace the drive.