Nec nd 2510a nero only burning at x4

hi i am a newbee here hope u can help with my problem? I have just bought a nec nd2510a and i am using nero and when i go to burn a disc it shows the speed at x4. I know this is a x8 burner and have bought datawrite x8 discs.Why is nero reading this drive as a x4? I would have bought a different drive if i wanted a x4 drive.

Thanks radar

This is due to the drive’s current firmware. Pls learn more on this subject here

My NEC2510 burns at 8X with the supplied firmware. The disks I use are Datawrite Yellow 8X (Prodisk R03) which I bought from SVP in the UK, along with the NEC drive, two weeks ago. Burned 4 DVDs so far at 8X (so Nero says), no coasters yet. Very happy with the drive and Datawrite disks.