NEC ND-2510A -- Looking For Media


I’ve been reading the forums for the past few hours and I am more confused than when I am started, RICOH this, RITEK that, +R better than -R, not it’s the other way around, etc.

Please bear with me, I am sure this question has been asked before and I am sure more people will find the new answers refreshing.

I just got a NEC ND-2510A and now I am looking for media:

  1. Should I get +R or -R? With bittsetting it doesn’t look like compatibility is an issue for +R, do I more concerned about speed and reliability.

  2. What about +RW vs. -RW?

  3. Has anyone bought any media lately and is very happy with it? If so, where and what brand? I am looking for some 25-pack of R type and 25-pack of RW type to get me started but I am not sure betwee +/- or what brand to buy. It doesn’t help too much not knowing the media codes before hand… Of course, I am looking for a good deal too …

  4. How are the Ridata +R 8x and Ridata +RW 4x sold at Amazon? Price and also quality …

  5. Is it worth even spending money for the 8x rated media at this time? It looks like there are a lot of reports that 8x media doesn’t work at 8x but 4x media works at 8x – go figure.

Oh, I have no problem with running non-stock firmware, so if that’s what it takes to get the best results with some media, so be it.

Thank you for your help.

Personally, I prefer +R. I find that it burns better at 8x than -R. That said, if you get quality media (like Taiyo Yuden) then it shouldn’t matter. Base your decision on the devices you’ll be using the media in. If you’re going to burn DVD video, then go with whatever your standalone DVD player likes best.

I found another 50 pack of the old Fuji 2.4x DVD+R media. This is great media. Its mediacode is RICOHJPNR00 and burns wonderfully at 8x on the NEC drives with Herrie’s modified firmware.

Taiyo Yuden media is also great. You can find 4x DVD-R/+R media from them for between $1.20 and $1.50 a disc in packs of 50 online.

I’ve also been happy with the Prodisc DVD-R media that I got. It was branded as Fuji 4x DVD-R.

I bought some RiData 8x DVD+R from last week and burned a few. Burned okay on the NEC drive. Burned much better on my Lite-On drive. The disc that was burned in the NEC drive played fine in my standalone DVD player. Ritek has variable quality, though, so you may have a different experience.

I don’t use RW media, so can’t comment on that.

I get better burns on the Fuji 2.4x DVD+R media than I do on some 8x media.

There is a lot of 4x media out there than can burn well at 8x on the NEC drives. For burning media faster than its rated speed, I prefer +R media. The Taiyo Yuden 4x media (both -R and +R) burns well at 8x on the NEC drive.

If you are in the UK then SVP are doing the Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-r at £7.99 for 25. I bought 50 last week and have burned approx half with no issues. Great media!

See :

jesterstear1 - do you have any kprobe scans of those datawrite grey?


How would I do that then?

All I know is they work in all 4 of my DVD players (2 x Pioneer DV464s, 1 x Pacific 1002, 1 x Samsung DVD709) as well as the NEC of course!

And several friends players (Bush, Panasonic and Sony spring to mind)

They are fujfilm03, I heard only good things about this discs.

I Have used the same datawrite grey as mentioned above with good results, i have also had good results with Infiniti White Top +R disks ( i bought from ebuyer) these were 4x unlike the 8x fuji though

What sites do you guys watch for deals on media? Or what e-tailers do you buy from that are known to have cheap prices on media? Thanks.

I actually get most of my media in stores. Best Buy normally has a good deal on DVD media each week.

I have also bought online through (has low prices and weekly sales), (one of the best etailers, though prices sometimes a little higher - excellent service though), and (crappy etailer, but sometimes a deal too good to pass up).

Obviously, in the US here. :slight_smile: