NEC ND-2510A for £70.49 inc. VAT and Del are knocking out the NEC 2510A DL drive for £70.49 inc. VAT and Delivery.

eBuyer are even cheaper at £69.79 inc. VAT and Delivery.

I’m not sure if your prices are for bulk or retail drives, but here in Ireland, are selling the same 2510a (bulk without cables, software, etc.) for €96.80 which works out at about UK£64.68 :cool: Shipping is an extra €10 however, although I usually buy a bundle of items to compensate for the shipping :wink:

The only thing that’s stopping me from getting one is the price of the media. also sell Verbatim dual-layer 8.5GB discs in a pack of 5 for €90.75. :eek: I’ll wait until the media price drops as maybe by then there may be 4x or faster dual-layer drives out :cool:

Reminds me of those cheap ink-jet printers where the ink costs about as much as the printer :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought ink-cartridges yesterday and got a printer with it :slight_smile:

Yep media sure is a problem, personally I’m gonna try Herries DL 107v2B5 firmware on my 2500A before spending any cash on a DL drive. Then after testing and evidence that my backups work with my DVD players, maybe 1st quarter next year, I’ll buy into one subject to media price, hopefully by then of course we’ll have reach 4 speed writing.

NEC ND-2510A (Dual Writer +/- double layer drive)
In stock (08/06/04 16:50)
£63.72 Including VAT at 17.5%

Shipping is £5.50, bringing the delivered price to £70.18.

Glad to see these drive have been introduced at competitive prices…