NEC ND-2510A - damaged Firmware


sorry about my poor english.

I have the NEC ND-2510A DVD-Recorder.
I has the Firmware Version 2.15, i wann make Flash the Version 2.16.


But after 50 % the Flash stop “Error Flash”

I Reboot the System, the NEC ND-2510A do not work.
The READ LED is blinking, the Eject do not work.

The Flash Tool say, " NEC 2510A is not fond corectly. "

Where can i get a “Flash-Repair-Tool” ?
(In the shop i byed the NEC, the say to me
there is a tool to fix the problem, but they dont wanna
say me the name of the tool or a download link)

The Problem was, i think the ATA-Driver from Intel
i found it after the crash over
a Support Site from NEC. But the Info do not help me jet.




Your drive could be how you say…cactus. MTKWinFlash, can repair some drives, check their website.

There is lots of information in the NEC forum > and here >

thanks 4 info !

with: NECWinFlash.exe & NECFlash.exe from “

  • the ORGINAL Firmware *.bin file

i can write the Firmware to the NEC 2510A
but i cant wirte it under Windows 98 (write 7 blocks of 14), i used the PC of
my fried with Windows XP

thanks !!!

the: MTKWinFlash dont run !!! i dont tryed it under windows xp !!!
but under windows 98 i cant write to NEC