Nec ND-2500a


I’ve just bought my DVD-writer, and looked at it with Nero InfoTool. It reported the drive as RPCII, with 5 changes left.

Then I clicked the Hardware\devices\Properties, and under the DVD region tab set my DVD to Region 1 (although i live in a place who uses Region 2, we can get region 1 dvd’s for renting).

Then i looked again with InfoTool, and to my amazement it reports the drive as RPC1 !!! how can that be???
( before i go to rent some DVD’s to actually test what’s happenning, I could use some of your ideas/guesses to whats going on)

Some drives are unreliable at reporting their region status until you set the region at least once.

If you want to make the drive region free by flashing its firmware (also can remove the rip-speed lock) then head over here:

I said that it reported the correct information before I set the region.
It repots RPC1 after I set the region.
Damn strange…the problem is that i don’t have any DVD’s at home right now, and it will take some time to get them for checking if it’s really RPC1…(and I need one from Region 1 and one from region 2)

I prefer to wait a while before burning a new firmware. Thanks for the link, though.

P.S. In case it’s usefull, i use WinXP and Nero 6

The Region tab in Device Manager controls the Windows XP Software Region Counter. You need to play a DVD Movie in the drive in order to set the drive’s own region counter.

Ahh…that must be the reason…

Thanks… (hoping that this is really the problem…)

(damn…renting a DVD movie here is pretty expensive…something like 4% of the DVD writer price. Makes you wonder :slight_smile:

You don’t need to rent a movie… You can set the region to region 2 using a Region 2 disc. I can tell you for sure that if you did not flash the drive with a region free firmware, then the drive is not region free.