NEC ND-2500A works together with Nero 5.5

Hi everyone,

thanks to this great forum I decided to get a NEC ND-2500A and it looks really fine.

The only problem was that my good old Nero 5.5 could not recognize the drive, so I tried the evaluation version of Nero 6.0. But I don´t like the look and feel of 6.0, and beside that I want a FULL version of Nero, so I would have needed to buy the expensive Upgrade, because the OEM-Version is usually quite crippled here in Germany.

So I tried to persuade Nero 5.5 of working together with the ND-2500 and using a hex-editor I could succeed:

Just search for the file MMC.DLL in the programs/ahead/nero directory, and look for the String DVD+RW ND2100A and replace it by DVD_RW ND2500A.

In my hex-editor, this looks like that:



Until now I could burn a few DVD´s and one CDR with Nero 5.5 and it seems to work well.

I hope I could help anyone else with this problem, Bye :slight_smile:

I am interested in this method but I am not very familiar using a hex editor. The hex editor I used does not show the data as yours does. Please let me know which hex editor you used to accomplish this task…Thanks

I use “The Next Tool”, that´s a very powerfull utility including a hex editor. But for many people it´s very difficult or even impossible to get used to it.

Theoretically, any hex-editor should work if you can search for free text. I suggest searching for “ND-2100A” because some search routinges don´t like blanks.


Thanks HID, I found a hex editor that displays the info similar to yours. Did as you suggested and now my Nero 5.5 recognizes the drive. It’s great to be able to use Nero 5.5 with this drive. Thank you very much for this excellent tip…Mahalo

Do you guys have a link of where you got your hex editors from? I like to try this too.

The hex editor that I use can be found here:
Good luck and I hope this helps.

It worked, Thanks a lot!

Nero 5.5 has been updated to and you can download it here It now supports the NEC2500A.