NEC ND-2500A Windows XP doesn't start

Hi All

I’ll start with m computer configuration:
Intel Celeron 1.3
2x20GB HD
NVidia GeForce 2

I’ve just bought the NEC ND-2500A DVD-RW and was very happy about it until i got home. Once i’ve plugged the drive intot he IDE bus and turned on the computer hte problems began. No matter what i do and what i set on the IDE (master/slave/cable select) the Windows XP won’t start at all. It starts loading and then it freezes. But then i did something and i’ve had a progress. I just poot a data cdrom media into the drive and booted. w00t ! the windows started ! I was happy ! BUT then i tried to eject the data cdrom and once the eject button were pressed the machine freezed on me. I’ve checked all the ASPI thing and tried with and without the drivers… nothing helps. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with it ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Try reading the 1st thread in the forum:

Then let us know what steps you have tried.

Hi And thanks for asnwering.
I wouldn’t post the question if i wouldn’t read and check all the things under the FAQ section. The cure for my problem was (as mentioned in one of the other threads about it) to move the burner to the Primary Salve IDE channel. Otherwise it just won’t let the windows start.