Nec ND-2500A vs Pioneer 107D



Hi, I have been reading tons of material recently.
And I kept changing my mind of what I think would be the best 8x DVD-writer out there literally every hour :slight_smile: Finally I am down to the NEC and Pioneer but still getting mixed messages. I have read some precious comparisons and reviews but a lot of them comparing using old firmware.

Basically, my criteria is as follows:

  1. DVD writing quality, CD writing quality
  2. Ability to read scratched CDs.
  3. Media copmatibility. I want a couple of brands that give consistently stable results, maybe 1 brand and 1 cheaper type. I can easily buy Maxell, Memorex, Ricoh, maybe something else (i live in Canada).
  4. Ability to DAE (using Exact Audio Copy)
  5. I don’t care about backing up games, probably don’t care about the latest audio CD protection either
  6. I can get both of them for about the same price.

So if you guys have any feedback on the DVD-writers using the latest firmware I would be really happy :bigsmile:


Please don’t cross-post. Other thread was deleted.

Buy the NEC. Cheaper, will burn dual layer media, and superior quality and speed with Herrie’s firmware.


crossed fingers and got myself NEC yesterday! :slight_smile: