NEC ND-2500A Vs Lite- On Purchase?

Hi i am very tempted after reading all the capabilities of 2500A to get it and flash it with Herrie’s 1.07 v2 beta5. I am curious is the purchase worth it in comparison to getting a Lite On. What do u guys recommend ? or should i pay $10 more and get 2510A? What are the biggest issue with DL in 1.07v2beta5?
Sorry i am a newbie hehe and appologize if these questions might come off stupid. This will be my 1st DVD-/+RW.


The good thing about the 2500A/2510A is the write quality, which is one of the best on the market if not the best. The downsides are the relatively poor firmware support from NEC (no bitsetting, quite infrequent updates, not a great deal of media supported, especially at the higher speeds), slow CD writing speeds and poor DVD read performance.

If you want to get great quality burns, you are willing to stick to specific media and you have an additional CD writer then both drives are a very good choice. Now that 12x and even 16x drives are available it is tempting to go for one of them, but to be honest the media support is nowhere near there for the higher speeds. The NEC is also great value for money.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway - it’s not a perfect drive but it’s great with certain brands of DVD media.

yeah i would recommend the 2500A/2510A too… works superb on cheap media and also supports a wide variety of media…