NEC nd-2500a strange problem



I just bought a brand new NEC nd-2500a writer and as soon as I got it out of the box, made a back-up of a movie that I had ripped with my previous BTC-burner. The disc was very scratched and it was a small miracle, that I managed to rip it with the BTC (my Sony PS2 couldn’t read the disc at all!). However, the BTC burned it’s own laser during the burn process (according to BTC, the old firmwares tended to do so, DOH!), so I had to wait for the NEC to finish the process.

Well, the NEC burned it beautifully, even although I used really old media, Leaddata’s DVD-R (Format UDF 1.02) 1X (NEC burned them at 2X, thank God!).

BUT, strangely, my PS2 plays the disc without problems, and even the NEC itself plays the movie fine when using Mediaplayer, but NOT when trying to watch it under Power DVD. Power DVD claims, that the disc might be damaged, or too dirty to play. Interesting, since the Mediaplayer is not that picky at all… DVD info showed no read errors either.

So is Power DVD a piece of crap-software, or doesn’t it like DVD’s that have been ripped and cracked?


use WinDVD instead



Before trying something drastic, like purchasing WinDVD, try updating PowerDVD. I was having problems playing certain files that I ripped from DVD, but after I updated the software, they played without problems.