NEC ND-2500A + Ritek G04 = Bad quality

Hi, i have this problem, Necs quality with ritekG04 DVD-R is really BAD. I would be interested to know if anyone else has this kind of symptoms, or is this one case scenario?

Here some results:

scanned: Sony dvd-rom flashed to LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD166S VDS18, error value=8
burned: Nec 2x
Disc sold as Ridata 4x DVD-R

same disc

And the the same Ritek disc and burn speed and setting, but burned with LG GSA-4040B

same LG burned disc with nero speed

Here is result from pressed DVD for comparison.

It seems that the Ritek G04 discs are having some problems. Not only on the 2500a, but on other drives as well. On the 2500a the problems seem to be quite heavy. I hope this will be fixed with a firmware update…

These results are beyond horrible. I’d try to get rid of the discs, that’s for sure… (return them to the shop)…

The question is. Is the media bad or Nec of what?

I got some old ricoh 2.4 DVD+R media to test, and the results are better with Nec, but LG is not far behind. Still wondering why the test gives so good results with ritek. :confused:

Tomorrow testing continues with MCC002 discs.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Thanks for quick answer. No need to sell those discs any more, goes with LG (gives “accetable” results) witch is already sold.:wink:

Waiting for new firmware it is, hope it fixes this.

EDIT: Necs firmware is 1.06.
Still wondering the some good result in some sites with ritek + nec. But maybe the riteks quality changes a lot.

Originally posted by Savenger
[BWaiting for new firmware it is, hope it fixes this. [/B]

I hope so as well… there’ll always be certain media the will work better at one writer than at another one, nothing to be done about that; these results are too bad though…
I think it can be fixed with firmware (that’s so in the most cases), but it may take a couple of weeks to get this fixed. Maybe sending an email to NEC will speed up the process a very tiny little bit…

My ND-2500A just arrived today and I have started testing with Ritek Ridata G04 discs (I have some TY on order).

I’m burning data only (not movies) with Sonic Recordnow DX, with the stock 1.06 firmware. This disc wrote and verified in Recordnow 100%. DVDInfoPro also verified and found no errors. I take this to mean the disc is “good”.

I am wondering how I should interpret Kprobe results from a LiteOn writer: the LTD163. (I don’t have a LiteOn burner.) I know scans from one drive can’t be compared to scans from another and I know I shouldn’t really be scanning with a ROM drive, but…I did it anyway. Keeping in mind the disc verified and passed DVDInfoPro, looking at these two Kprobe scans is it possible to glean any useful information? Is there a way to roughly compare these results to a Kprobe scan done with an 811S or 411S? Is there a multiplier or divider I could keep in mind? (For example, this Avg. PI of 243 divided by X to approximate results from an 811 or 411 writer.)

Or am I wasting my time completely?

G04 burned at 4x on ND-2500A (fw1.06), scanned on LTD-163:

For reference, a commerically replicated DVD5 scanned in the LTD163:

There’s really no point in scanning with the 163, except as a rough comparison of your own burns against each other. They cannot be compared with any scans you see posted here. If the discs read at full speed in other drives, they’re “good”.

If Meritline ever gets off their butts and sends me the G04 I ordered, I can post some scans, but alas I have none. :frowning:

Originally posted by rdgrimes
There’s really no point in scanning with the 163, except as a rough comparison of your own burns against each other. They cannot be compared with any scans you see posted here. If the discs read at full speed in other drives, they’re “good”.

Ok, thanks for the reply. From now on, I’ll forget Kprobe and try to trust in DVDInfoPro.

Just for kicks, I scanned the same exact burned disc again and got this result (very different from the first run through Krobe):

Anyway, I think I should uninstall Kprobe…

All I can tell you is, I just bought an NEC 2500A (fw 1.06). I just bought a 50-spindle of Ritek G04 4x DVD-R’s. And I just burned my first DVD and it reads perfectly in my LiteOn 166S, and my roomie’s 2 month old Sony DVD player. If it keeps doing that, I’m happy enough.

Also, from what I read, tests with KProbe are VERY subjective. It will give a certain amount of PI and PO errors with one reader, and a different amount with another. It was meant for LiteOn DVD burners only, not readers, at least according to docs, and so the test results posted may not be very meaningful.

I have NEC 2500A for about 1 month…my stock firmware is 1.05

I have burned about 100 DVDs since I got this drive, the burn quality is really good - usually average PI:30, PO:0.005, sorry I can’t post images right now. Sometimes I can even get average PI:20!! It is amazing!! I think maybe your Ritek is bad?

The discs I use are Memorx ordered from Amazon, they are Prodisc re-branded.

Here are tests with MCC 002 Sony branded discs.

First Nec:

Then LG:

Looks like Nec beats the LG, so my judgement is Ritek sucks, at least my Riteks.

Yes, i know the results from kprobe with LiteOn DVD-ROMs are very subjective, mut it gives the great opportunity to compare different disc brands, burned and read with same drives.

I think Nec is ok burner, but still pissed of by the ritek quality especially with Nec. :frowning: :a

joseph_lin: What reader do you use?

EDIT: fixed some typos.
By the way both MCC 002 discs gived nice curve with nero cd-speed, i thing my reader is little picky and gives too high results with ECC 8 setting in kprobe…

About Ritek G04, the media compatibility list from NEC, stays specifically that they must be RITEK L19.

Anyone here tried to make any tests reading from Nec 2500?

Worked perfect here, the best I got was avg PI 2.0!! (4X 8ECC) when scanned by a Lite-On DVD-Writer…

My media is Grade A Datasafe media.

I have some yucky B grade media… I may try those…

All my ritekG04 media is L19. (look at the serial number xx-xL19xxxxx ).