NEC ND-2500A read errors

jus bought a NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A and burning on 4x -R ritek go4 discs

using stomp v4.50 the discs record o.k. but when it verifies it throws an error

using dvdinfo pro i get read errors at 53%

but when i try to read it with my IDE DVD-ROM 16X reader no errors

any ideas guys

thanks for any input

but when i try to read it with my LITE-ON LTR-32123S reader no errors

u’re reading dvd-rs with a cd burner?

sorry edited post i cut & pasted wrong one

i think i been staring at this machine trying to figure it out for 2 long lol

4x -R ritek go4 discs

You’re not the first person to have problems with G04 media.
Try burning a few at 2x and see how they act.

Have you solved your Problem??

Many same problems, with other media brands.

look here

2x is exactly the same

Originally posted by alci4
2x is exactly the same

I think the Ritek G04 discs are the problem. I heard more people complaining about them. Maybe you should read this thread for some more (detailled) info…!

also G04 is often much worse when burned at 2x than at 4x.