NEC ND-2500A read error on end of disc


 I have tried to burn few DVD with this drive since few days ago. I use DVDINFOPRO to check read error after I burn them. I always get error almost the end of the disc. It shows red blocks. Not all DVD that I burn has error but most. Could anyone tell me why? Does it have to do with the file that I got has some error on it?? BTW, the DVD read fine when it's read on the burner. I use RITEKG04 and RICOH*** something, don't remember. RICOH is DVD+RW. Some advice would help. Thanks!!

my firmware is 1.07.

there are loads of ritek go4 around with
quality ratings from A++ to F, unless you
tell us the make you are using the answer
will have to be use better quality media

c,d,e,f rated media will surely fail over the 4 gig mark
its a classic sign of low quality media.

I alwasy use Datasafe GO4 riteks, and Ritek Plus 4x printable
(RICOHJPNR01) as these seem to be the best of the bunch.
(unless you are gonna splash out and buy Verbatim in jewel cases)

Im in the process of trying various media on this drive…currently ive bought two dvd sample packs from ill be posting my results on burns on this forum.

Prodisc disks are also pretty good with this drive.

There are too many threads on problems with Ritek G04 :a
To avoid a hassle, stay away from this media with the 2500A.