NEC ND-2500A Question

Here’s my problem, I got my 2500A about a week ago and immediately flashed it using the windows based RPC1 firmware over at TDB’s site. I burned like 5 Movie backups using AnyDVD/CloneDVD on FujiFilm (TYG01) DVD-R’s at 8x and they play flawlessly on both my XBOX and my Sony stand-alone DVD player. Also scanned them using the error test in DVDInfoPro and came up error free.

I had ordered a 25 pk of Ritek G04’s a few days before the post regarding “G04’s + 2500A = Bad Quality” surfaced. After they came in I was hoping I would have the same luck as OC or Rdgrimes, but unfortunately I didn’t. I burned 1 movie backup at what I thought was 4x through CloneDVD but it took 25 mins?? The movie plays fine in my XBOX and my Sony stand-alone but when I put it in my 2500A to scan it for errors, DVDInfoPro freezes?? And with DVD Identifier, it won’t even start up. Just keeps spinning up my drive?? Same thing with My Computer, just spins up my drive, but it won’t let me access it?? Also I tried restarting my computer while the movie was still in the drive and it got half way through the boot sequence when the screen went black and the disc just kept spinning up. I finally took the disc out and as soon as I did it finished booting??

Should I just return these?? I mean that 1 burn plays fine but it’s pissing me off that my drive won’t even recognize the disc that it burnt. I’m gonna try another backup and hopefully it’ll come out ok, but I have a feeling that it won’t.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I reflashed it using the Dos based Ripspeed firmware in pdu’s sig. Don’t really care about the regionfree thing. Thanks Again

I’ve not had any problems with my NEC on writing but with reading low quality discs written by other writers I’ve also had some failed reads in the NEC. But not as bad as in your case as my drive usually starts to read but fails during the read process.

I would guess that this is only due to the media used.

I noticed that some DVDs that I burned with Pioneer 104 (Optodisc 1X and Ritek G04) will give error when being read by NEC 2500. Pioneer never gave any reading error.

Maybe that NEC is doing cyclic redundancy checks while reading and Pioneer doesn’t or there is a bug in NECs firmware 1.06…