Nec Nd-2500a Pos

Sorry that my first post is a negative one but here it is. I put together a half decent system a while back and I have a a lot of data I am constantly backing up and DVD recorders are pretty cheap so I put a
NEC ND-2100A in.

I have been using it for a while and now I pull a disk out to look at it and the NEC can’t even read it. It could only read about one in five or so that I burned on it. I noticed that it won’t erase cd’s either and buring cd’s is
hit and miss.

I just flashed it from 1.06 to 1.0A ( latest ) and still won’t read the DVD’s.
I contacted NEC and asked them how they could sell something that was obviously flawed and got the usual "Warranty services and technical support for the end users of NEC’s disk drives are the responsibility of the distributor, wholesaler or retailer from which the unit was purchased. "

Anyway I am not impressed and will not be buying anything from NEC in the future

I would like a recommendation for a good, not too expensive DVD burner as the NEC is in the garbage, Thanks

Maybe this issue is due to a bad media, not necessary to a bad burner. What media are you using?

Sony DVD+R 1-8X, wrote to it now it can’t read it. Just for fun I popped a DVD movie in it and InfoTool said nothing was in the drive.


Welcome to the forums-

First of all - your 2500 is a way dated piece of equipment (at least 18 to 20 months old) and has been superceeded by the 2510, 3500, 3520 and the latest 3540 models-

You make no mention of how long ago you burned your DVD or the program that you burned it with. Also just because it says “Sony” on the package - does not guarantee that there is good media inside - as the brand names will put in different kinds of media.

Lastly your heading says “Nec Nd-2500a” and yet in your post you say that you installed a “NEC 2100A”

So - what burner do you actually have in the 'puter - details of your hardware and OS - your burning program and the version you are using - then maybe we can help you-


Thanks for the welcome, can’t find any reference to “NEC 2100A” in my post though.

Any way, yes I built the PC about 1 1/2 years ago now. It is 2.4 P4 with HT, 800 fsb and dual channel ram all top of the line stuff at the time on a Asus mb. I have 1 gig Ram and about 500gigs of HD space. It is running XP Pro.

Sooo I burnt about 10 DVD’s of data and I could have sworn I checked to see if they worked or not at the time. I just recently wanted to burn a couple of mp3 CD’s for the car so I tried to erase some older R/W’s and it could not erase or write to them, something about a “power calibration error” This could mean crappy media but then I started checking other media and got out the old DVD’s I had written and it won’t read most of them. I then bought some brand new FujiFilm CD-R PHOTO media and it won’t write to that either. I put in my old CD burner and it erases and writes to the CD’s no problem. So it’s not the puter it’s gotta be the NEC burner. I was using Nero 6.1 and now 6.3

Yo narod86-

This is the direct quote from your post-

The problem that you are having really seems to be a media problem-

I have had the 2500, 2510 , 3500 and 3540 and all seem to prefer -R medias (at least in my systems). I have always gotten steller results with the Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell 8x -R’s and have had very good CD-R results with both TDK (ritek mids) and Verbatim (ritek mids) and have associates that just love the Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s.

If you read more in these forums - you will find that the NEC’s are the best user group supported and the Benq and LiteOn are probably the best manufacturer supported all this is in reference to firmwares-

We have found that user errors/bad installs is the #1 cause of bad burns - followed by crap media and a distant third - the drives themselves-

Remember that an underutilized drive will tend to collect dust and when that is on the laser lens - can mean nothing but trouble for writing-


Hey thanks for the info and I think you might have nailed it with dust on the laser, I always thought it worked OK but have not used it for some time,can I take it apart and clean it, or maybe a better question is: How do you fix the problem of an underutilized drive that has collected dust ?


Open tray - blow canned compressed air inside and hope that the dust is dislodged remember that the laser is under the tray - so best to blow in that direction-

NEVER use one of those DVD disc cleaning thingies with the little brushes - BEST way in this known world to damage the laser lens-


I agree with you about the air. I’ve seen quite a few people say that it’s BAD to do that, but I’ve been doing it with my drives for years, and haven’t had a single problem.

Well anyway I tried blowing it out and it did not work, I took it apart and now I can hear it better, the platter just clicks and turns about two or three degrees, three or four times and that’s it. It toast.

I bought a new DVD burner about an hour ago and everything is working fine, reads all my DVD’s, erases them and the CD’s so I am happy now but I stand by my original opinion on the NEC, I doubt I used it more that twenty times. :slight_smile:

Shame really, guess you had bad luck. My NEC has worked fine for quite a good while. (Mine is a 2510A).

I bought a $50 ( and that’s CND ) DVD burner and it works like a charm, very happy with it, now I can get back to the 3 R’s, Reading, Riting and Ripping :smiley: