NEC ND-2500A Plus appears

In Japan.

I dont know how to read japanese, so can you tell me/us whats the difference? between 2500a and 2500a+ ??

I cannot read Japanese either. I tried Babelfish translation.

With or without Babelfish, there are some English words there so that you can guess what the differences are about. My guess is that ND-2500A+ has DL and bitsetting, but I’m not sure and I can’t see why there’s 2500A+ at all.

i see that this one lacks the headphone jack and the volume control . wtf ?
maybe it’s just a home - tweaked model

Well, my Japanese is not so good. But at least I tried.
I agree with Kenshin’s guess.
ROM化”可能 clearly means bitsetting, also DL capability is mentioned.

So… reading the bottom line…

  1. Japanese NEC retailers get the permission to flash the original 2500A with some DL + bitset possible firmware.
  2. They can’t name it to 2510A because the sticker doesn’t say so!!
  3. So they name it to 2500A+, attach additional sticker, then sell it. (At least they claim that this is a leagal process under the permission of NEC. Maybe it is…)
  4. Well… Do their bitsetting is exactly same as HP’s? That is something worth investigating. (Recent threads suggest HP based bitsetting code may not be perfect.)

Also (if all the above guess is correct) this adds another proof that 2500A and 2510A are identical. (Personally I don’t need another proof, already more than enough!!!) Does anyone really think those retailers handpicked good 2500A and flashed it? :slight_smile: I bet they didn’t even try a single DL test.

Very interesting indeed.
If jk736s’ post is correct, that means that NEC has changed its stance and has obviously lied to the public with it’s inital press release regarding 2500@2510.
Thanks Kenshin

What we really need is 2500a+ fw to look at, :slight_smile:

Could you tell where you saw that ?

right here in the forum

A number of OEM ND-2500A don’t have headphone jacks and volume controls.

I’m curious as to which firmware the ND-2500A+ is using and how it compares to Herrie’s. :slight_smile:

I can’t find a reseller selling ND-2500A+ right now, but it must cost much less than ND-2510A.

ユートビア of the NEC agency shipping “ROM conversion” possible NEC make DVD+R DL correspondence drive “ND-2510A”, it became topic, but this time “ND-2500A” of the individual specification, region free in DVD+R DL correspondence becomes sale from the same company. As for estimate value at 8,000 Yen level, 16 days (the gold) from the schedule which is sold.

The same company as for this drive which entitles the individual type turn, “ND-2500A+”, true to its name becoming the base “ND-2500A” of the NEC make DVD±R/RW drive. Originally entry efficiency with the DVD-R/+R 8 time speed and the DVD-RW/+RW 4 time speed, is non correspondence in DVD+R DL, but the same company it is and DVD+R DL record functional addition and region free conversion have done with framework “ND-2500A+”, with the application of the alteration firmware, when recording you say that BookType is modified supports also generally known “ROM conversion” in DVD-ROM, concerning DVD+R DL record function.

In other words, when “ND-2510A” of the same company shipment which supports “ROM conversion” and “ND-2500A+” are compared, the amount which region free conversion has done, it means “ND-2500A+” high function. From the bulk item “of ND-2500A” not to be different, you probably can call also price the product of good bargain almost very.

Furthermore, “the ぺ plain gauze る ふ ぁ which is made the frame surface - the む oh ぷ ヴァージョン” “ND-2500A+” and so on the seal which is recorded is pasted in “ND-2500A+”. This seal should have been designated as the marker probably.

OK, well that clears it up then… :rolleyes:


looks to me like someones updated the firmware of these drives and put new labels on.

Yes, I believe so, and they don’t deny it. But they are one of the official japanese retailers of NEC and they implicitely suggest that this is done under the permission of NEC.

A little bit fun. They start the sticker by saying “This produce is from a official retailer of NEC blah… blah…”. It is obvious that they want to tell their customers everyting is leagally done. Is it true? Probably yes (otherwise it is a big risk for a company to advertize so loudly). But… who knows?

That label is specifically highlighting “Special Firmware Up Version” (direct quote from the line under the model name) so I guess something funny is going on…


What if they’ve got 107v2b5 on those drives? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of funny how it says ND-2500a+ at the top but at the bottom #1 clearly says ND-2500a. Something fishy going on.

coz that IS a 2500a, the firmware was updated to support DL. Thats why they put the 2500a+ stickers.

says there on the previous post.