NEC ND-2500A playback is choppy

Last week I purchased and installed the new nec burner nd-2500A on a Dell P4 PC that did not already have a DVD-ROM. My installed RAM is 768 meg.

After installing the drive I also install DVD X COPY software. When I try to play any commercially produced DVD the playback is choppy and the audio cuts in and out. I have tried downloading various DVD decoders but none seem to work although some work better than others.

Here is the hitch. If I make a copy of a commercial DVD using the DVD X COPY , I can play that copy back perfectly. So the original will not play well but the copy will?? I suspect maybe some kind of conflict between the DVD X COPY decoders and other decoders. Any ideas?

Copy Protection on Original ,Then Removed On copy?Some Copyrites do not run well on Computers,It probably would Work Well On A Home dvd?

I’ve only just seen this post. It looks as if your 2500A is running in PIO mode. It should be in UDMA mode. Check this in Device Manager.