NEC ND-2500A or Lite-On SOHW-812S



After doing a whole bunch of research and reading I am down to these two finalists.

I read many good reports on NEC ND-2500A write quality but its reading is not great.

I read good posts on Lite-On SOHW-812S but in the past Lite-on has not been a very reliable drive. Also, not sure if this has as good of write quality as NEC. Do you know what improvements have Lite-On made for 812S over 811S?

Help me in deciding which one to buy.


I’m a lite on lover, but right now, the 25 has been on the market a while and has kind of matured and u have all the goodies available via hacked firmwares. The 812 hasn’t burned in yet, so based on that only (not looking at all the other perks of the 812), I’d say go with the 25 as it’s already matured, has great write quality according to tests and has bitsetting, ripspeed unlocked and rpc1. just get a rom drive to go with it and u should be perfectly sorted


I bought both just for the hell of it. NEC 2500A for writing, Lite-On 811S for KProbe, and Lite-On 166S for ripping and reading.

I’d say get the NEC if quality is a priority for you, and Lite-On if you wanna burn at 8x.


Thanks for the good advice booma. It gave me some more insight into this puzzle.

Stoner, did you mean 812? You wrote 811! Anyway what are the improvements in the Lite-On 812S over 811S? Have they improved the laser focus, spin speed control or firmware? Are you saying that NEC ND-2500A will not write at 8x?


There are two separate drives - the Lite On 811S and the 812S. The difference is that the 811S has a maximum speed of 4x on DVD-R (though it does support 8x on DVD+R). 812S is 8x on both DVD-R and DVD+R.




You read it right, I really did put in 811S. I didn’t get the 812S 'cause I don’t burn DVD-R. All I needed is the 8x DVD+R. Although, the NEC 2500A does give me the 8x DVD-R option if they start selling for $.25 a piece. Regarding your NEC 8x question, I can only say it burns my Memorex/Ricoh 4x DVD+R @ 6x. Not sure about DVD-R.


According to OC-Freak, the 812S has better writing performance than the 811S. Also, it seems that there are fewer reports of 812S problems than there are reports of _51S problems, and there are fewer _51S problems reported than _11S problems.

So it seems that LiteOn is slowly moving towards resolving their issues. Personally, I’d recommend the 812S. NEC has good writing quality to start with, but terrible support (even worse than LiteOn’s). They haven’t released new FW, newer media that’s come out (like 8x -R) are unsupported in the NEC, and features like bitsetting aren’t being added by NEC. If it wasn’t for Herrie’s efforts, doing the job of improving the NEC firmware that NEC itself should’ve been doing, I don’t think that there would be nearly as many people singing praises of NEC.


Thanks guys for all the good advice! I just ordered my NEC ND-2500A from NewEgg.

I should have it in my hands by Wednesday. :bigsmile:

Let’s see how it works.