NEC ND-2500A not recording

I’ve had a NEC ND-2500A for a few years.

Lately, I have noticed that when I try burning something, I’ll get a “power calibration” error.
I tried flashing in a newer version but it did not help much.
If I try again a few times, it ends up working.

Now, I cannot burn anything. In nero, it just says there is no space available eventhough it is a blank disc. I have tried several discs.
I just keep inserting the same disc again and after a few tries it starts trying to burn, but I just get a “power calibration” error

It seems to beable to read discs, but I have not done extensive tests to see if there are any problems.

I dont use my burner too often, maybe once a month.

Does it sound like I need a new drive?

It might depend on the media you’re using as the official firmware is not being updated with new media.

You could try some modded firmware from Liggy & Dee’s website. Go for 2A5C which is newly released. Get it here .

If this makes no difference then a Benq 1650 is a good replacement.

Old drive + new media = no go


no, I’ve used the same media for a over a year now. I dont burn cds that often. The last time I bought back cds was amybe a year ago and this problem didnt show up til 6mo ago.

The new firmware didnt help.

I guess my drive is dead.
I’m not sure how it happened though.

Was it the same batch or did you buy some more & these are the ones causing the problem.
I ask this because while the brand name , pacakging etc might seem the same it’s quite possible that the media itself has changed.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , with the Disc Info tab , & post the result back. This will identify the media to us as it might just be the media.

same batch. I beleive they are maxwell brand, I’ll have to check the code to figure out what it is exactly.

It is probably time for me to just buy a new drive.
one that is able to burn cheap discs as well as expensive ones.

I have also had a problem where after burning a dvd disc, I would not beable to read the disc after a few months. I attributed this to cheap discs, but it seems to happen to my better discs too.

The Pioneers have a good reputation for burning cheap media so thye Pio 111D might be a good choice.

I think I’ll get a BenQ DW1655. maybe that solidburn thing will do something for me