NEC ND-2500A new firmware?!

I just ordered a black NEC 2500A DVD burner and this one has a firmware version 1.70 and it will not let me update the firmware with Herrie’s 107v2b5dl. Has anyone seen this firmware version before and, if so, how do you upgrade it to include DL burning? No firmware that I’ve downloaded yet has been able to update it. It tells me that TARGET NEC ND-2500A IS NOT FOUND CORRECTLY.

You must flash in DOS then.

Thanks for the fast reply. I found the DOS version of the firmware and I am currently looking up instructions on how to flash it in DOS. I’ll report back my findings. THANKS!

Complete success! I was having trouble backing up the old firmware but I got it. If you ever use Nero to make a boot CD it’ll help you to know that Nero makes a virtual A drive so the PC knows it’s booting from a floppy.
When it does this it changes your real floppy drive to the letter B. Once I realized this I was able to back up the firmware.
Flashing it was no problem at all. And now, instead of 1.70 it is a 1.07v2b5. Thanks for your help!

Were did you download this firmware update file at? The Herrie’s 107v2b5dl that you used.
This is one place to get it. They have both DOS and Windows based versions and the DOS version comes with the flash utility.

Or better yet, you could try visiting the NEC forum here at CD Freaks. The link above has information copied over from Herrie’s post here at CDF.
You can also go here and download the stock firmwares in case anything goes wrong. They don’t have the stock 1.70 firmware yet but I can send that to him or anyone else here that needs it. I was wondering though…if you screw up your drive can you flash it back to the stock firmware without the company that you bought from knowing? Because flashing voids your warrenty…will flashing it back to the original hide the fact that you flashed it before?

That too. :wink:


I’m having difficulties flashing with 1.07 v2 beta 5 once in DOS through the bootdisk. You said you had no problem with the flashing… Would you mind giving me details on what you did to carry out the flashing of the firmware? Thanks (Paul)

Sure, no problem. I made the boot cd with Nero using Nero’s bootdisc template. Once burned restart and make sure it boots from CD first. After it does this it brings you to an A prompt. Change your prompt to the drive letter corresponding to the hard drive where you have your firmware binaries and flasher program stored. The format for what you type in next are as follows:

You have to know whether your burner is on the Primary or Secondary IDE chain and whether it’s the Master or the Slave of that chain. So if this was on the Primary chain as the Slave you would type:
NEC2X00A -PRI -SLA -FLASH C:\107V2B5.BIN This is assuming you have the file stored on C and that is what you named it. If not just type in the EXACT location of where the binary is stored and the exact name of the file.

If it is on the Secondary channel type -SEC and either -MAS or -SLA for Master or Slave.

To backup your current firmware it’s easier to use a floppy, only your floppy is going to be Drive B instead of A. so type in NEC2X00A and use the above mentioned -sec or -mas commands. For my drive I type in NEC2X00A -SEC -MAS -OUT B:\ORIGINAL.BIN

This backs up the old firmware and names it Original.bin and puts it on the floppy. I hope this helps.