NEC ND-2500A having trouble making split backup

I just got my NEC ND-2500A burner a few days ago. Installation was real easy and my WindowsXP professional recognized it right away. It seems to do a decent job of reading DVDs but I need to do more testing.

The problem I am having is it would not make successful split DVD movie back up without compression of “Matrix Revolutions”. I am using DVD “DVD XCopy Platinum” in Advanced mode. It will make a “Compressed” copy just fine though. In the split mode it will do fine until it starts writing. The first disk is written fine but it will not write the second disk. Once it did not even ask me to insert the second disk. On the second try it did ask for the second disk but wrote garbage on it. I have 3 coasters :a

I have 3 more weeks left to return it and get replacement if the drive is bad. Any ideas what is going on here? :confused:

DVD X Copy is trash!

Try using DVD Decrypter, DVD2One and Nero…

Or DVDShrink… ANYTHING but XCopy!!

Check the software and guides on