NEC ND-2500a freezes for no reason!

Well, I say no reason but of course there always is :S

I just bought my OEM version several days ago and all it came with was a NERO software package - do I actually need drivers for it to work properly?

Windows tells me the device is working properly but every third or fourth time I put in a disc, the whole system hangs and the only solution is to reset it…

Is it because of the OS, the BIOS, or the lack of appropriate software?

I hear all this talk about DMA and Firmware - what are they and would it help solve this problem?

I tried surfing through the NEC sites but they were about as helpful as my computer when it freezes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi James and welcome to the forum ,

Could you elaborate us on the complete configuration and operating systems of your computer system? This way we’ll have more information to deduct what product/program could be malfunctioning.

Does the drive play standard (movie) dvd’s ?

I’m running on Windows XP and my system is:

P4 3Ghz
512MB PC2700 DDR-RAM
Geforce FX5200 128MB
120 GB harddrive

and of course the beloved NEC ND-2500a DVD-RW.

The drive works perfectly well when the system doesn’t freeze… so it burns, rips, reads, plays DVDs, etc.

There are no conflicts within my system and everything was newly installed so I don’t think it could be a virus of any sort.

The freezing seems to be random - one disc that works perfectly well one moment causes the system to freeze the next :S

How do you know its your nec causing the problem, is there some kind of pattern ie does it always happen at a certain event ie sticking a CD in the drive. Does it give any errors or just lock the PC up how long have you left it before reseting?? and any other useful info no matter how small.

I’m sure the NEC is at fault since the computer only ever freezes when a disc is inserted into the drive…

The discs aren’t at fault because they work perfectly fine with the SAME drive at other times.

I leave the computer for several minutes before resetting - the keyboard blanks out, the mouse doesn’t move, there is no HD activity.

I can eject the disc though, but that doesn’t improve the situation :S

I’m not really sure what sorts of info will help… any suggestions on how I can get a comprehensive summary of my computer’s workings and woes?

Perhaps a faulty ASPI layer?

Check you ASPI layer with aspichk.
The layer should look something like this if it’s working right:

If something doesn’t look like the above, fix (force) your ASPI layer to 4.60 with this. Make a backup copy first incase you want to go back.

Can someone please confirm that the ASPI drivers really fix the DVD-RW problem ?
I’ve just bought the DVD-RW and it causes freeze in my machine. I’ve figured out that if i put a random data cd into the drive it works but once i eject the drive the system freezes immediate. I will check the ASPI thing once i get home i just wanted to be sure that someone did solve the problem. May be it’s a known problem and was described on the NEC site ? BTW my machine is:
Celeron 1.3 GHz
2x20 G HD
NVidia GeForce 2 200

Thanks a lot in advance.