Nec ND-2500A Dvd Writing problem

i’ve recently bought a Nec ND-2500A but i’m not yet able to burn a dvd correctly. :confused:
I try to burn a data dvd on a Sony dvd+r @ 4x by the last version of Nero ( but at about 60% of process i receive an error: unable to close session disc-at-once or something similar. So i try to change support, i switch to a ThinkXtra dvd-r and i try the same operation but in simulation mode and @ 2x and at about 50% of the process i receive an error: communication failed. I try the last operation in simulation mode also by Record Now Max but always at about 50% simulation failed.
On my dvd-unit there is the original firmware and i just perform all operation of the troubleshooting guide. I haven’t any problem with reading cd and dvd or cd-writing.
Any tips or ideas? :bow:
Thank you. :slight_smile:

I also purchased this drive a couple of months ago, and I’ve had no problems with it ever. I’ve used various firmware-media combinations and had not one coaster. Maybe your drive is broken? I’d sugest you take it back to the store. Unless anyone knows something that may help… ?

Anyway, good luck!


just curious - how do you have it set up in your system? IDE2 master? slave?

IDE2 Master