NEC ND-2500A DVD/CD-R burn problem

Hi guys,

I just installed an NEC ND-2500A DVD RW/CD-RW on my machine (XP Pro SP1)… I was using Nero Express version… I am trying to burn a CD-R and it’s not working at all… it goes thru the motions like its burning it but never verifies it and completes… (nor does it eject after burning like my old CD-RW did)… when I look at the cd, nothing on it…

Q1: is this version of Nero Express compatible with a DVD-RW/CD-RW ??

do I need another kind of burner software???.. it should be able to burn a CD-R… I havent tried a DVD-R yet…

Do I have to do a driver update (it has MS default drivers from 2001) or do I need a firmware update ???.. how do I do that if need be??

any help would be appreciated.


That version Nero should be compatible with the drive. I think Nero started supporting DVD Burners with version Could be wrong about that. You may want to check Nero’s supported recorders list to see if your drive is on there. XP should not need a driver for the burner. CDBurnerXP and Deepburner are both free and work well for basic burning tasks like making audio CDs. You can get an OEM copy of Nero Express on Pricegrabber for under $10. You may be able to update to a newer off Nero’s Website. Good Luck.

There is an option in Nero Burning Rom , under “burn” to simulate the burning. This hasn’t inadvertently been set by any chance?

no I just looked at the log… Simulate is set to false… btw it does read DVD and CD no problem…

oops… looks like this version of Nero doesnt support this drive (I checked the supported recorders website at Nero)… Roxio 6 does however… off to the store.

tks guys

Just to add I use Roxio 7 for music CD’s - I think it’s far better than Nero as it writes CD Text which I can’t get Nero to do. But I tend to use Nero Express for burning my DVD’s.