NEC ND-2500A Driver needed

I just installed a NEC ND-2500A in a Dell computer. I purchased it from NewEgg and it didn’t come with any instructions or CD with the driver. The computer recognized it as a CD drive. Can someone direct me to a site where I can download the driver to complete this installation. I checked NEC’s site but could not find anywhere to download this driver.
I’ve read that there is a firmware update for this drive but I’m assuming I need to get the driver to get the drive working correctly before installing a firmware update.

Regards, Ken

No “driver” needed.
Just make sure you are set to DMA and enjoy.

I agree, no drivers needed. Give so more infor if your still having a problem.
Burning Software?

Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll check the DMA setting and get back. Dont have any burning software yet. I’ve only tried to play a DVD movie and that didn’t work so I assumed I needed the driver.


DMA setting is more of performance and efficiency issue, not why you cannot play DVD.
You give no details what software you tried.

First I suggest you get free program Nero CD-DVD Speed test from
This program should find your DVD drive and do transer test on unencrypted DVD.
Based on your success with this program, you can continue to debug your system and drive.

ken you need software to make it anything more than a cdrom to the computer. if you download the latest media player i think you may be able to get the dvd playback. for burning you would need at a minimium nero 6.3.1.X.

for dvd playback try media player classic it rocks as a player for almost everything. you can also search for real alternative or quicktime alternative and they come packaged with it.

welcome to the nec side of the world! have fun with your drive

I’m having the same problem. See screenshot:

Where can I get the driver? I can’t find a working driver anywhere.

[QUOTE=pdedecker;2125835]I’m having the same problem. See screenshot:

Where can I get the driver? I can’t find a working driver anywhere.[/QUOTE]

Well, for one the drive is really old, and as stated before, there is no driver if you are running XP or higher. Make sure you also are using an 80 wire ide cable.

Ouch, my computer came with Windows XP. Looks like an irresponsible computer manufacturer to me…

Luckily, disabling and re-enabling the driver did the trick for me.

I have a 1.09 firmware update for it.

My drive stopped working after I reinstalled XP.
When I started trying to do a large transfer from a DVD or play an Audio CD, it would just freeze the explorer/program randomly and and I have to eject the DVD/CD to “unfreeze” it.

Should I update the firmware again? I would figure it’s in the DVD for good no matter what OS you change.

Either flash the correct firmware or replace the drive.