Nec nd 2500a...double layer or not?

Hi everybody!
Sorry for my ignorance but I am a beginner… :o
I already read some threads but I am confused. Does Nec nd 2500a support double layer or not?
Do I have to load any special drivers for that, or what…?

Well, the hardware does however not the firmware - this means that the NEC 2500A does not allow DL but the 2510A does, as the only difference between these types is the firmware.

So if you want DL, download and flash a 2510 FW.

No… unless you flash your burner with Nec 2510 firmware (the only diference between this 2 burners is the dual layer support), there are many modded firmwares that you can use in your 2500a. I have a 2500 flashed to 2510a with modded firmware and it works great.

By the way welcome to the forum - it may be an idea to read or at least scan the FAQ, giving answers to the most common questions (hence the name frequently asked questions = FAQ) and links to the 2510A firmware.

Reading this, you will find out that you don’t need drivers to use your drive - the drives capability is in the hard- and firmware and to unlock the capabilities you need a burning application, eg. Nero.

Got you by 3 minutes FearFactory :slight_smile:

ehehe yes, i saw that :clap: lolol