NEC ND-2500A, CMC MAG E01, Different firmwares = Mixed results

Hi, I just bought big pack DVD+R 8x Memorex (CMC MAG E01) and tested those with good old 107v2b5d firmware. The results were quite OK.
Then i tried some other firmwares Maddog 2f8 and NEW 2500v3-2 and 2510v3-2, because i thought burning results will get better, but not. The results were horrible, i had to back 107v2b5d.

There was even mention about these discs in 2500v3-2 release notes (CMC MAG E01 8x @ 8x using CMC MAG E01 strategy from NEC 3500 2.18 firmware (might give write quality improvements!) … didnt work for me.

Just wondering why older fw works better than new one ?

Thanks for supporting NEC :bow: :bow:


Best result i have with the same media is with the latest Herrie fw.
The 108v3-2 fw.

Look for yourself:
Memorex burned @ 8 speed:

And a kprobe of another burn @ 8 speed:

Very pleased here with the new Herrie fw. :slight_smile:

Very Nice results. I need to test again with DOS flasher, maybe winflasher didnt do it right, or my burner is not working 100% or something with my setups , who knows…

good to have some response :wink: