NEC ND-2500A and Princo or what to do

Bought my NEC 2500 3 days ago. Plus a 25 4x Princo spindle.

It was painful because passed the complete weekend trying to get the perfect condition on the machine for recording. I’ve so much work to do, and I’m wasting too much time with this :frowning:

It’s a P3 733, only used to record. I know the discs aren’t fast (Maxtor 20 Gb 5400 rpm and Samsung 13 Gb 5400rpm trough UDMA mode 1). But I’ve been careful to the point of avoid fragmentation. The last records have all been made with 0% fragmentation in the store drive and less than 2% on the system drive.

This fragmentation gave me buffers completely full during all the recordings and even knowing that I tested at several at 2x and 4x times, with same results.

Anyway, of the twenty five, 13 gave me errors. Not Nero or even Dvddecrypter errors, they were always successful.

Only when I tested the discs with nerospeeddvd or dvdinfpro for errors it gave me errors the most of the times errors in the end of the discs with a very fine curve till the last 10%.

Reading in DVD players was ok, till that part where it jumps or stops or even crashes the players.

Besides Princo I’ve tested only two 4x Verbatims MCC, both successful one of them recorded at 6x. But with only 2 discs is hard to know, because I’ve 12 Princo also working well.

So I need suggestions from you :frowning:

Should I return the drive and forget DVD recording during the next 6 months, avoiding the troubles, letting me work and wait for the next generation of media and writer drives?

Is there anything in the machine that really must to be improved?

Should I test it with a 25 4x Verbatim DVD+R? Would NEC be happier with DVD+R than DVD-R? I also don’t know if they are cmc or mcc but for 40 euros it must be cmc.

Last but not least, where could I find good (compatibility list of Nec2500) dvd media (in Europe because of delivery speed) on-line?

Thank you for providing me time in reading all this.

I think you should try some other media. Princo DVD-R discs are not very good quality. More on that can be found in our media forum. Good luck!

Ps. Are you using the latest firmware for your NEC drive?

12 out of 25 =ca. 50%
Sounds like a good rate for princo.
Sorry to say so, but there are some really bad princo discs out there.

My old Sony refused to write more than 2x on these pricos, perhaps it had its reasons.

I think you may have got some of the princo type2 mentioned here:

normal results for princo!
1/2 the price and 1/2 work…
Ritek is the min acceptable quality these days.
Buying cheap means wasting your time.

@ G@M3FR3@K - The drive came already with the 1.06

@ dg1qkt - I don’t know if they are type 2

I don’t have Lite-on to use k-probe. All I can manage to see how good it is, is through the perfection of the read curve in nero dvdspeed.

So for what I’ve seen most of the 12 i got, produced a really nice curve. But in the review they also have a nice curve, so i don’t know if this means anything.

My worries are also about the system being able or not to do the job. But I don’t know if this has anything to do, because the system isn’t so bad.
Besides the HDD I mentioned above, I have 360 mb of ram, running Win XP Pro with everything unnecessary cleared. I would think about the fact that the motherboard only permits ATA 33 and ATA 66 could be better. But if we think the dvd writer only asks 5,7 mb (4x) I can’t see it as problem.

What do you think?

What I think is…

you should listen to what we say
Princo disks are poor quality and often don’t work.
You have had 3 answers…all of us say the same.

But feel free to buy a new computer
and buy a new writer. They still won’t work!

@sarahjh69 :slight_smile:

I don’t want to buy anything new. I only use desktop for this the rest goes to notebook.

All i wanted to be sure is that this machine can do the work.

After your answers and my last analysis I’m also 99% assured of media problem.

So I’ll buy the verbatim spindle tonight and then make final tests.

Thanks to you all.

Hi :slight_smile:

When buying a new spindle I suggest Verbatim 4x DVD-R intead of DVD+R as these will write just fine at 8x speed :slight_smile:

Problem 1: there is close to 50 different types of princo discs it seems, varying from ok to garbage in quality (most is closer to garbage than to ok though).

Problem 2: When there is som many different Princo discs the drive manufacturers have a hard time keeping their drives calibrated for all types of Princo disc…

So I would guess that you were just unlucky and got a batch of lesser quality Princo discs.

There is an old joke about Pricos:

Why is the overall quality of dvd+r discs much better than the one of dvd-r discs?

Answer: Because there are no prico dvd+r discs.

I do not know if there are really no Prico +r discs, but they are telling this joke in my hometown.

You are right, there is no princo +R discs, only -R discs.

Bought Verbatim Spindle of 25 2.4 DVD+R. They hadn’t dvd-r 4x and the dvd-r 2x isn’t in the media list of nec. The discs are CMC not MCC.

So i prepared everything like before 0% fragmentation. Recorded with nero at 2.4. Burn sucessful.

And all i have to say is that i’m very very sad at the moment.

The disc came out with an error (no seek complete) after 5%. Even on dvdinfopro or nero dvd speed.

So i put the disc on my notebook Toshiba dvd rom and the disc passed all the tests without blink. Same for dvd players (but haven’t seen all movie). I’m not sure if this hasn’t happen with one or two princos before.

What’s going on here???

I reloaded the disc again in nec 2500 and same error in same place.

a) the drive is damaged
b) the drive is very good in recording but very bad in reading
c) my pc (or HDD) got no power for this!!!

b) the drive is very good in recording but very bad in reading

Is most correct. I’ve got this a few times as well on discs that is not in perfect condition.

A note: It seems to prefer 4x media for writing, with 1x, 2x and 2.4x it seems to be just average compared to other drives. So next time I think you may be better off getting some 4x media. :slight_smile:

This is completely abnormal.

So I’ve wasted 40 euros, that’s a lot of money to throw on the garbage.

My second recording with dvddecrypter, Nec 2500 doesn’t even could do the first seek don’t recognizing disc, staying there reading and reading.

The disc plays in my Toshiba, but the last 20% is full of errors.

This is completely crazy.

I bought the verbatim dvd+r 2.4 because it was on the media compatibility list from Nec. :frowning:

By the way the first verbatim I recorded copy ok to disc in my notebook. But i noted a slight slow down in the last 10% of copying. So my girlfriend saw the movie completely in our dvd player and in the end it becomes impossible to watch, full of stuttering. So, if Nec doesn’t read it is because there’s something wrong.

This is the frist Verbatim DVD+R 2.4 (CMC).
The second one Nec refuses to see it.

This is done with SENTINEL DVD-R (Optodisk).
They seem to be average, bought just in case verbatim would fail. They are also a little expensive, about 2,8 euros per jewel case.

Look at the curve. Could you explain me why it’s reversed?

I made this record at 4x then made this test after opened one time the tray.

But what i couldn’t believe is that after this test i couldn’t reach no more the dvd like the second verbatim.

I open and close the tray sometimes and everytime no seek possible. Error at 0.0 Gb.

So could this disk and the unreadable verbatim be damaged by the test???
By the heat of speed right after the recording???

Stop using Nero and try Sonic Recordnowmax.
Nero seems to have lots of problems with newer dvd writers.

I used Nero 6.3 for the 2 recordings on the graphs.

The verbatim unreadable was done by DVDdecrypter 3.1.9 with Imgtool classic.

So i don’t think this is a software problem.

Anyone knows anything about possible incompatibilities with Via chipset? I’m using the last drivers from for the motherboard.

I also returned today the drive and I’m waiting for the verdict on the drive working in a different computer. To see if the drive is not working.

I also copied 2 cds at full speed 32x with 0 problems. Very good recording, very good speed. And the brand of cds wasn’t even on the media list.

I do not think that it is nero, I am using it without any problems. Burned about 25 DVDs without any Coasters.

I’m sorry to say so, but perhabs your nec really is broken.

nero + via chipset + via drivers

loads of posts in forums about them not working together.


Thanks to all of you.

I returned the drive.

The guy already made his tests and the drive is considered faulty.

So i’ve to wait now for a new one.

This time I’ll let the guy do all the instalations and test it before.