NEC ND-2500A - $85 delivered!

I almost had to pinch myself when it arrived. An NEC 8x dual-format DVD burner for $85 bucks? Delivered??? Are you kidding me?

Well, it wasn’t a dream, as soon as someone suggested ditching Nero and going with RecordNow, the burns have been flawless. Can’t wait to get a batch of 8x DVD+Rs and see how it flies with those puppies.

Oh yeah, just in case you want to get in on the action, the website is called us-depot, the burners are on this page:

but . . .

make sure you go through clicking on the DVD Burners link and search for “2500A”. The difference between clicking the link from the Pricewatch page ($85) and browsing from within us-depot ($139) is $54!!!

US-Depot? Eww. I’ve heard of so many people who have had bad experiences with them (calling them fraudulent). I’d be willing to pay an extra $10 for some peace-of-mind by buying from Newegg.

But anyway, since you got yours, I guess you’re one of the more fortunate ones; congrats on your deal. :slight_smile:

Good point. I was so ecstatic with the deal that I got I wanted to spread the word, but now that you mention it, looking at their reviews at, they have 9 positives, 7 negatives and 2 neutrals, so maybe the $10 saved is more for the risk-takers. :smiley:

With my personal experience, I ordered a DVD burner for my dad, they forgot to include the Nero OEM CD that I added to the order (again a very nice price at $10) but the burner was such a good deal I got one for myself and brought the missing CD from the first order to their attention and they did the right thing by taking my word for it and included the Nero with my second order, so mine was a good experience, things can go wrong even with the best of them, but they stepped up and fixed the missing CD issue so I was happy.