Nec ND 2500 vs. TDK 880N


TDK recently released a new model of the “indy” series, the AID 880N which is really a NEC ND 2500 inside, so I was wondering if it would be better to buy the TDK 880N instead of NEC ND 2500?
(which I suppose it is “improved” over the NEC ND 2500")

Actually, I can´t really decide between Plextor 708a or TDK 880N (Nec powered)

Thanks. :cool:

I’ve TDK drive and can say that this drive is really NEC 2500A clone. I tried to compare BIOD-es of both drives (TDK comes with BIOS 1.31 and NEC has 1.06) and they look similar. But right now I’ve received info that both drives are NOT compatible on BIOS level. TDK has tweaked many things in this drive (meaning hardware and BIOS - not only black front panel) so probably it’s better to say that TDK drive is based on NEC (which is for 100% true) but it’s not the same drive.

Anyway TDK is really good drive - probably at least as good as NEC 2500A.

Thanks Big!

I know that TDK (really NEC inside) makes good quality DVD from crappy ones (take Princo for example). On the other hand, Plextor is a pretty fast DVD burner, but I think it doesn´t manage very well cheap recordable DVD´s, like Princo among others (he´s picky!)

May I ask, why TDK and not Plextor?

Thank you very much again!!!

The write quality of the NEC is arguably best out there atm.
Plus the NEC is cheaper. Plex has always been overpriced imho.

Myself I wouldn’t use cheap media even if my burner could burn ok to it.
What happens in 2 years when your entire collection begins to disintegrate?
I’m not willing to risk that if I can help it.