NEC ND-2500 behaviour

I have a very strange problem, maybe not only related to my new ND-2500. I have successfully burned several DVDs that works fine on both stand-alone players and other DVD-R/RW units - but I cannot play them on the ND-2500 itself! I got a message about “possible scratched disc” or similar.

When copying back the files from the burned disc to my HDD, I can play it from the HDD without a problem again.

I am using Nero 6.0.0.x and Power DVD, and burning and reading of data from/to the HDD seems to work OK. I cannot understand why I cannot play burned DVD-Video. Reading/playing other DVDs, even burned by friends, is not a problem either.

Any hints?

Nero 6.0.0.x is quite buggy. Try upgrading to Nero and see if your problems go away.


It could be a poor quality media issue.
I have not had ANY problems yet reading from any media in my 2500A.
I was even able to rip from a DVD-R on my 2500A that my LiteOn 411 could not rip!

What is the media code for the discs you are using?

I have used Traxdata DVD+R and DVD+RW, and they have played without any problem on e.g. my stand-alone Pioneer player.

This is really the weard thing - should not the ND-2500 itself has even better read capability? On the other hand the drive seems to read the disc correctly, as it worked fine to just copy the files from the burned disc to the HDD and play the movie from there.

I cannot find any logic in this, but I have been surprised before dealing with PC related issues…

Try uninstalling/reinstalling PowerDVD.

I have tried to re-install Power DVD, and I have the same problem with other SW players.

Is there a difference in the read procedure between the two top-level cases 1. Play a DVD with a SW player, 2. Copy the DVD-files from the disc to the HDD and play it with the same SW player?

If the answer is no, this behaviour seems like black magic to me since the copy on the HDD runs perfectly.

Well the difference is that the NEC 2500A is not the best reader.
If you can copy all of the data off the discs to your harddrive, you shouldn’t have a problem playing the movie straight from the discs.
You are making sure to select the correct drive before clicking play in power dvd correct? (it does not always default to your DVD drive)
If you are ripping them back to the harddrive, are you using DVDShrink?
The newest version of DVDShrink allows you to play the movies fullscreen. See if you can use DVDShrink to play the movies straight from the disc.

Well, sometimes it is possible to play a burned DVD on the ND-2500, select from the menus and run the full movie without a problem. As soon as I e.g. try to jump to the next chapter the error message shows and thats it. Some DVDs do however not play at all on the NEC, but all discs I have tried play OK on a stand-alone player.

The ripping back to the HDD has been done just by dragging the files in Windows Explorer!

I will try playing the burned discs from DVDShrink.