NEC ND-2100AD firmware upgrade



I have a NEC Dvd+RW ND-2100AD Ata device that I found a tool called NEC drive conversion tool and it gives me a choice to upgrade the drive to a NEC ND2500A so I can upgrade the firmware to be able to use both -R and +R media and dual layer DVD9.

I am just a little confused as to witch firmware I should use to accomplish this. Here is the link:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The 2500a doesnt support dual layer. You need to crossflash the 2500 to a 2510 for dual layer.


Thanks pfloyd1 for your help.

I now understand that I can use the 5110 firmaware.

I am a little over my head on this one. What I want to accomplish is be able to read and write on -R and + R media and dual layer disks.

I see this firmware but do not understand this table:

This is Liggy’s NEC 2510 bit setting firmware 2.19

Firmware information CD−R CD−RW DVD−R DVD−RW DVD+R DVD+RW DVD+R DL
Strategies 1.16 1.14 1.44f 1.31f 1.41f 1.27f 1.17f
Bitsetting Yes Yes Yes
Date1 () 2006-11-08
Date2 (
) 2006-11-08

(*) Date 1 seems to be related to the strategy version while date 2 seems to be related to the main firmware code

This Firmware is based on NEC’s 2510 Firmware 2.19 containing booktype code for DVD+R and DVD+RW.

Is this the one I should use or is there a better one??