NEC nd-1300a writer only burning at 2x

i have a NEC nd-1300a and im using nero 6. i updated the firmware on my burner to 1.07. i cannot get my writer to burn at 4x when my dulkpaq orange top DVD-r’s say they are 4x. i can only burn at 2x. any1 know why?


Because it’s crappy Princo media :frowning: Get better media next time. Datawrite Red (Only Version 2!! Since Version 1 is crap!) seem to be a good deal :slight_smile:

P.s. Hacked firmware with Region control and more media support: :slight_smile:

The easist solution is to use 4x DVD+R media instead.

I have The same drive and disks and can burn at 4x using Herrie’s cracked firmware V1.07 but i find the disks are a little unreliable at 4x anyway when doing an ISO with avi files on i had one file that wouldn’t run and backing up a dvd film the disk was corupt at 4x but fine at 2x.

So changing Media may be a good idea or just burn them at 2x.