NEC ND-1300A won't load new TOC



For some reason in the last few weeks whenever I put a disc into my ND-1300A it will not update the table of contents, it will still read it as the previously inserted disc. The only way I’ve found for it to read a disc is to either open and close the drive door 4 to 6 times or restart windows XP Pro with the disc inside the drive. I do not know if there is something physically wrong with the drive or perhaps it’s XP. I will give my system specs below and I hope it will help solve my problem. Also the drive works flawlessly regardless. I can burn DVD+R, -R, +RW, -RW, CD-R’s and I can read all of the above perfectly… after getting the drive to read the TOC that is. Any help would be great before I have to go buy another drive, which I really don’t want to do.


Windows XP Pro SP 2 RC 1
AMD 2700+
GeForce 4 ti4200
SB Audigy
Chaintech 7-nil1 nForce 2 MB
NEC ND-1300A
WD 160GB HD 8MB Cache
IBM 45 GB Deskstar 7200
1 GB Kingston HyperX Memory
ATI TV Wonder Pro



Using Nforce Nvidia IDE drivers?
If so, uninstall them and use the Microsoft IDE drivers.

It could also be an ASPI problem. Uninstall Adaptec ASPI or any other ASPI verisons using a utility named KillASPI.
Then, only install ASPI 4.60 if needed.


I tried both of the things you suggested, I removed the nForce drivers and I did the killaspi thing and it still won’t update the TOC unless I open and close the door 5 times or restart the machine.

Any other ideas?


Hmm, you say you are running:
Windows XP Pro SP 2 RC 1

Isn’t Windows XP SP2 still in beta?
Did your issue arise after installing this SP?


One big unknown in your system is Service Pack 2 RC 1.

Microsoft do not recommend using this in any ‘production’ systems - it’s released for evaluation only. Things will change from RC1 (RC stands for Release Candidate) - the release itself is probably some months away. RCs and public betas are probably more stable than private betas, but they are still beta grade, unsupported code. Of particular note is that there’s not necessarily any fixes forthcoming for security problems found that affect beta service packs, though the fixes will almost certainly be rolled into the final service pack.

Whilst there are a lot of fixes, there’s also bugs. It’s also supposedly not the cleanest thing to uninstall (WinXPnews promise more information on this in the next issue).

If possible, try to return to Service Pack 1 plus all the hotfixes from Windows Update.


(who notes that whilst he’s been writing this, wesociety has written a very similar response)