NEC ND-1300A users, check this out!

See this link:

A genius named Herrie hacked the firmware of the NEC ND-1300A and added support for the following media:

6 times space (2x experimental)
6 times space (4x)
BeAll G00001 (2x experimental)
CMC MAG.AF01 (4x tested & verified)
DDD DVDR (2x experimental)
EURODIG-DISC (2x experimental)
GSC001 (2x tested & verified)
LEADDATA01 (4x tested & verified)
LONGTEN TECH (4x tested & verified)
MAMEG02 (2x experimental)
NANYA (2x)
PRINCO (4x tested & verified) (Princo White Tops 1-4x, BulkPaq 1-4x)
PRODISCG01 (2x experimental)
SHT 001 (2x experimental)
SKC Co Ltd. (2x)
TAROKO-X2 (2x experimental)
UTJG01001 (2x tested & verified OK)

Now we don’t have to wait for NEC to release a new firmware for this drive. :slight_smile:

By the way, the hack works great with my 4 speed Princo’s.

Yes, as he posted in the firmware forum as well:

OK. My mistake. :wink:

Not a problem. I’m just adding more info…