Nec nd-1300a region code free firmware?




yesterday i bought the nec nd-1300a dvd recorder.

i testet the drive with driveinfo and it sais the drive has region code protection. i did not change the region code till now.

i found region code free firmware here:

but it sais untested. i do not want to ruin my drive so soon

has anyone yet used that firmware ? i know that the first 1.06 firmware from nec was buggy. is the region free from the new one?

or is there other safe/tested firmware?

im relatively new to dvd burning. i hope you can help me.

ah yes last question. when i now change the region code can i still install the region free firmware later when i really need one change more? or must i install the firmware before the first change?

thankfully Washi


They’re safe. Look around…

etna just hasn’t update that part of his page.

the 1.06 firmware itself wasn’t buggy, rather, the Windows Flasher utility was dangerous.


thanks :slight_smile: